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Opening a Business?

Are you opening a business?

Your floors can be a deciding factor as to how much money a potential client spends with you. Lets look at your options.

Carpet – Has to be replaced every few years, can mold, can run, stain. This is never a good option for a business that has any type of traffic.

Wood laminate, vinyl laminate and other floating floors – First and foremost. They leak. As you mop and clean the floors water can get under it and even with the proper padding and plastics it can mold. Not to mention the way they show use and have to be replaced every few years, as they do not age well in high traffic areas.

Tile – This the option most businesses and especially businesses that want the “higher end” look have used for years. It looks good when you put it down and usually fits whatever flooring trends are current at that time. Tile breaks. Grout gets dirty, and not to mention the bacteria that can grow in it. Add bleach to the equation and you now have chipping and flaking of the grout over time. Both of these options means more money out of pocket down the road, it means down time for your business and in business being closed for floor removal just adds to your over all cost.

There is a better option and we have been putting it into business since 2006. Custom Epoxy floors are easy to clean, anti-microbial, easy to maintain and are one of a kind. When people walk into your business and see your floor it tells them a lot about your brand, your staff and how you feel about your business. It tells them if you are investing in longevity, if you and your employees keep it clean, it shows them if you just threw the place together or put time into it. Ultimately it tells them how much pride you take in your brand. These are all subconscious things to most people, but there are some who notice it right away.

With a one of a kind look, longevity and easy maintenance (you clean it, that is pretty much it). You owe it to yourself to have us come out and quote your establishment. Do it right the first time and save yourself time, money and headache of redoing it again and again over the life of your business. Already have tile? We have a virtually dustless removal and get taken care of for you too.

Want to see our floors in person. Swing into the Celtic Ray or Sacred Rites Tattoo just to name a couple… The colors in this photo is one of our floors.

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