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What steps do I need to take for preparing my home or business to remove my flooring?

All Florida Flooring will take care of removing any large furniture out of the work area. The only thing you need to do in preparation is to remove any small appliances, delicates or breakable, and anything extra that might be on couches or on shelving units.

I have never had tile removed, but have heard horror stories. Is it really that dusty? How “dustless” is All Florida Flooring’s system?

Traditional methods of tile removal create large amounts of dust that permeate all areas of your home or business and can cause adverse side effects with your health. The system that we employ is virtually dust free, so much so that you won’t need to employ a cleaning service after we’re done!

I’ve heard that plastic and tape is usually used to contain the mess and dust. Does this method really work?

Plastic and tape may reduce the amount of dust from floor removal, particularly in small areas such as closets or bathrooms. However, any disruption of the work area can cause that dust to spread to other areas of your home or business. Our system prevents dust movement because it captures the dust the very moment it is created. There is simply no competition on which method is more dust free.

What type of business or homeowner is your system designed to help?

Our system is most beneficial for individuals with health concerns such as asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions, the elderly or those who are generally health conscious. It’s also perfect for anyone who wants their space to be left clean, with minimal stress.

As a remodeler, I already have specific installers doing my flooring removal. Why would I want to go with All Florida Flooring?

Choosing our system instead of traditional tile removal methods sets your business apart from the competition and can help with customer approval. Not only is it ideal for any renovation project, but it allows you to market specifically towards clients with allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions.

I am a flooring installer and I hate to tear out floors. Can my customer hire you directly for floor removal?

Yes, they can. You’re the expert in installation, let our expertise in removal help make your job easier. We will quickly and cleanly remove floors, leaving the space ready for perfect installation. Our dustless grinding preps the floor for you by leaving it smoother and flatter than the traditional method would.

What are the other benefits of your system?

Not only is our method cleaner, it is also healthier because it prevents silica from getting into your lungs and the lungs of the workers. It is also twice as fast as the traditional method and makes installation easier by leaving the floor smoother and flatter. Our system also makes cleanup easier and saves you from having to stay somewhere else while the work is being done.

Featured Services
Flooring Removal

Our high-speed Renegade floor scraper can handle the removal of ceramic floor tiles, hardwood flooring, VCT, carpet, and many other types of coatings without the use of harmful chemicals.


Our tile removal system is virtually dust free! Not only will it save you money, time, stress and aggravation, it is a health conscientious flooring removal solution.


Polished concrete is the perfect flooring solution for for most any location. It is great for businesses, industrial spaces and residences. We can restore your floor with a great new loo.


Add a beautiful style and help your business stand out with our creative epoxy flooring solutions. Epoxy is a very tough finish and can be applied to your floor in many creative designs.