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Creative Epoxy Flooring
Our flooring technicians will help you achieve a look that sets you apart.

We specialize in interior creative epoxy flooring that will make any room a new place. We offer a wide variety of colors, styles and designs. Our hybrid polymer floor coating will make your floor extremely durable and will look great for many years to come!

Our decorative epoxy floor system provides a warm and comfortable appearance. This three dimensional, seamless flooring system is designed to add great beauty and increase value to any home or business.

This decorative epoxy system is easy to clean and will not fade. If used in a garage, it will not leave black tire marks and is resilient to auto fluids and most chemicals. Although this system is ideal for garage, factory, warehouse and showroom floors, it is also a great option for any residential room.


Decorative Epoxy is easy to clean and will not fade over time.

One of a Kind

Each Epoxy floor is unique and will never look the same as another. Making your business or home stand out from the rest!


Epoxy is resilient to tire marks, auto fluids, and most chemicals. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications, but it is a great option for indoor as well.

Featured Services
Flooring Removal

Our high-speed Renegade floor scraper can handle the removal of ceramic floor tiles, hardwood flooring, VCT, carpet, and many other types of coatings without the use of harmful chemicals.


Our tile removal system is virtually dust free! Not only will it save you money, time, stress and aggravation, it is a health conscientious flooring removal solution.


Polished concrete is the perfect flooring solution for for most any location. It is great for businesses, industrial spaces and residences. We can restore your floor with a great new loo.


Add a beautiful style and help your business stand out with our creative epoxy flooring solutions. Epoxy is a very tough finish and can be applied to your floor in many creative designs.